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Objective 2

The Construction Safety Partnership
Small Contractors Initiatives:

With the introduction of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013, the onus to manage safety issues on smaller construction sites has been highlighted and legal obligations extended. It is anticipated that this will highlight these legal obligations to a cohort of the industry that previously was to a large extent not engaged on the health and safety agenda. This objective seeks to remedy this.

  • Support the development of a specific training programme for contractors who primarily work in the domestic industry.
  • Provide guidance / supports for domestic clients and small contractors and look to collaborate with others in this area – e.g. CIRI
  • Engage with manufacturers / suppliers on the provision of information boards, leaflets for this cohort of the industry – to seek co-operation with this group on the promotion of a “Safe Home Work” campaign.
  • Work with BESMART to investigate how the SMP 20 Safety Road Map for Contractors can be developed further and take account of on line technologies.
  • Continue to support and provide” for the management, maintenance and inspection of plant and equipment.
  • Promote and run the CSPAC Safety Innovation Award for Small Contractors” in 2014.
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