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Objective 1

The Construction Safety Partnership
Objective No. 1: Improving Safety in Design and Procurement

The procurement process still sets the agenda for safety standards. The client requirements and awareness of safety issues drives how the function will be managed throughout the project. This now extends to domestic projects. The legislation requires clients to ensure that whoever they appoint, be it designer or contractor, they must ensure that the appointee has “adequate resources” to complete the work safely and they are competent. Experience in the construction industry has been in recent years that this is not always the case and projects are awarded to the lowest bidder irregardless of resources.

The working group commenced developments in this area and their efforts will be focused on the following:

  • Collaborate with the Dept. of Environment and the Government Construction Contracts Committee on safety and health issues in revised public sector procurement procedures to improve efficiency of the process.
  • Work with the Local Authorities to revisit the standardisation of the health and safety element of the pre qualification process to improve the efficiency of the process.
  • Publish and promote the CSPAC Client Guidelines / Checklist.
  • Roll out the CSPAC guidance for modelling of “adequate resources” for the work of the PSDP.
  • Influence and monitor the safety criteria for registration of contractors under the Construction Industry Register of Ireland (CIRI).
  • Investigate issues relating to the co-ordination of temporary and permanent works with a view to generating guidance.
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