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What is the Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee?
The CSPAC is a body consisting of Employers, Trade Unions, Industry Representative Organisations, Professional Bodies, Government and State Agencies which seeks to promote continuous improvements in health and safety performance at all levels within the Irish construction industry. The partnership has been in operation since 1999.

How does the CSPAC intend to achieve it’s aims?
By reviewing the performance of the construction industry, identifying best practice and areas in which initiatives could assist in improving performance, achieving safer sites in the industry and working together to secure the agreed targets.

What representative organisations are involved?
The Construction Industry Federation, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Engineers Ireland, Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland ,Society of Chartered Surveyors, IOSH Construction Group and National Irish Safety Organisation.

What Gov. Depts. and State Agencies are involved?
The Health and Safety Authority , FAS, Local Government Management Services Board, Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government, Department of Finance and the Department of Enterprise Jobs and Innovation.

Who are the target group of the CSPAC?”
The construction industry in general and specifically clients, employers, workers, site management and construction industry safety advisors.

Has the CSPAC developed any initiatives specifically for workers?
Yes, the CSPAC has been instrumental in putting into place Site Safety Representatives on most construction site in Ireland with normally 20 or more workers. To assist all involved in the process, the CSPAC supports the Safety Representative Facilitation Programme (SRFP) which can assist both worker and employer. The SRFP can help you select appoint and train an on site Safety Representative. The SRFP facilitator will visit your site talk to management and workers explaining the vital role a suitably trained Safety Representative can play in attaining and maintaining high standards of on site safety. The CSPAC also has a wide range publication and guidance material which can help you to improve your on site safety performance. (see publications).

Is there a charge for the SRFP services and publications?
The on-site services of the Safety Representative Facilitator are free of charge. Our publications including a dvd and guidance material are also free of charge. There is a charge for the three day training course for Construction Safety Representatives.

Is the three day off the job training for Construction Safety Representatives properly accredited?
Yes anyone who finishes the course and passes the assessment will receive the National FETAC certification. This course is also approved by ICTU and CIF.

What are the Objectives of the current CSPAC plan?
The 5 Objectives are Design and Procurement, Plant & Equipment, Small Contractors, Worker Engagement and Saftey Rep Facilitation, Benchmarking.




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