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Objective 4

The Construction Safety Partnership
Occupational Health in Construction

Treat ‘Health’ the same as ‘Safety’.  There are far more deaths of construction workers  (and former construction workers) each year from occupational health (OH) issues than from accidents on sites.  Furthermore far more construction workers suffer ill-health than serious injury as a result of an accident.  The CSPAC will continue to raise awareness of OH issues in the construction sector and promote improvements in work practices to help reduce the rate of death and ill-health from OH hazards.


  • Raise awareness of risks from construction dusts and promote safer work practices in the industry
  • Raise awareness of risks of other occupational related cancers such as the increased risk of skin cancer for outdoor workers
  • Promote initiatives to support construction workers with psychosocial issues

Objective Group Lead: Dermot Carey, CIF

Objective Group Members: Andrew Smith, ICTU and Aisling Davis, HSA

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