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Objective 4

Examine existing CSCS courses with a view to identifying new courses required/needed by industry, and consider new ways of delivering Safe Pass

The emergence of new ways of working has highlighted the need for new task specific training. The widespread availability of technology creates the potential for reaching a greater audience through the development and promotion of on line training courses. The CSPAC will work in partnership with the training providers to help ensure that the training needs of employees and employers are delivered in an effective and efficient manner.

Whilst it is recognised that the CSPAC has been instrumental in instigating mandatory training programmes to improve safety awareness (Safe Pass) and construction skills (Construction Skills Certification Scheme), it is also widely accepted that a review of the effectiveness of these programs is required. The CSPAC will review the effectiveness of these programmes by working with the providers to help ensure that they deliver effective learning outcomes.


  • Identify industry requirements for new CSCS courses to take into account technological advances and new ways of working. For example, 360 Teleporters, MEWPS, Modular Construction, Timber Frame and Renewable Engery.
  • Consider new ways of delivering Safe Pass to meet the needs of employees and employers.
  • Explore measures to enable employers to easily check the valididty of Safe Pass and CSCS cards to assist and enhance compliance.
  • Review existing CSCS courses and recommend improvements with regard to technological advances and news ways of working where deemed necessary.

Objective Group Chairperson: Peter Quigley,CIF/Wills Bros

Objective Group Members: David Smith, SOLAS; Sylvester Cronin, SIPTU; Dermot Carey, CIF; Stephen Mangan, Microsoft Clive; Carty, IBEC/Roadstone; Maggie O’Brien, LGMA; John Conway, LGMA; John Regan, SIPTU; Tim Dowling, Senior HSA Inspector.

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